Online Giving

Money is the measure of our heart.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

We give of our money and time in obedience to his word and as part of our worship of Jesus. He has given us life and hope and everything we have, so we are only giving part of what is already his. We have died to this world and the things of the world and our giving is an expression of pouring out our lives and resources for Jesus and his gospel.

We don’t collect an offering during our Sunday meeting. Instead, we prefer offerings to be deposited directly into Gospel Church’s bank account:


Account Name:Gospel Church Carrington
Account Number:414863607
Reference:name (optional) -Offering

Central Hunter

Account Name:Gospel Central Hunter
Account Number:414863615
Reference:name (optional) -Offering

About Gospel Church

We are a community passionate about following Christ and excited to study God’s Word in order to apply it to our lives and our culture. We are gospel-centred evangelicals who believe that the bible is God’s revealed truth, that Jesus is God and is our only hope of salvation. Because of the joy and delight we find in God, we actively share the good news of the Gospel and invite fellow Aussies to respond to God’s loving kindness.

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