Gospel Pockets are a name we have coined for small gospel communities that are geographically remote, yet an integrated part of Gospel Church. Many rural communities are not large enough to support a full time pastor and yet there is a desperate need for solid biblical evangelical teaching. We want to see people in these communities growing to maturity in Christ and reaching out as ambassadors for Christ into their community.

Our idea is that as Gospel Church grows to the point that Sam is preaching regularly, these sermons will be videoed and available to the Gospel Pockets to watch together. This may be during the week or on the Sunday following the sermon in Newcastle. Each Gospel Pocket would be hosted initially in a home, and eventually lead locally by an elder.

This model differs from a traditional video or online church because each Gospel Pocket would be an integrated part of Gospel Church: structurally (coming under the authority of the elders), financially (giving to and working under a common budget) and socially (with annual visits from the lead pastor, additional visits from other pastors / elders and the opportunity to get together for teaching and fun at a common church camp). We hope that as God gives growth, we would be able to employ a pastor / elder to specifically shepherd the Gospel Pockets, including regular visits.